Cordillera de los andes del peru pdf files

It is part of the interoceanic drainage divide between the santa and marafion river basins. Trekperu a complete, bilingual guide to travel in peru. Linea ecuatorial equatorial line latitude 0 islas galapagos costa colombia peru andes quito guayaquil. Perennial snows begin at elevations of about 5,000 m. Geografia del peru aspectos fisicos, humanos y economicos. About 180 km long, the range has 35 peaks over 6,000 m in elevation, the highest of which is mount huascaran 6,768 m. It bounds to the west with coastal plains or falls directly into the pacific along cliffed coasts. The results document a continued retreat at a rate which. Other articles where cordillera central is discussed. Peru the mountain huayna picchu overlooks the inca estate of machu picchu. The cordillera central spanish for central mountain range is part of the andes in peru.

It contains the paryaqaqa p, yauyos y and pichqa waqra pw mountain ranges. Cordillera central, peru article about cordillera central. The cordillera blanca is the largest glacial region not only of the tropical andes but of the earths equatorial and subequatorial zones as well, with contemporary glaciation covering 1,000 sq km. Cordillera blanca white mountain range traveling the route of the glaciers. Nov 25, 2012 cordillera dos andes peru arturoperuano777.

In peru the cordillera occidental is the western branch of the andes. To the east of cordillera occidental lies the cordillera central and the cordillera oriental of peru. This mountain range is the western section of the occidental chain of the north andes of peru. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Recent glacier retreat and climate trends in cordillera. Cordillera blanca the highest mountain range in the corsdillera occidental of the peruvian andes.

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